12 Februari 2020 – The first GBC Indonesia Knowledge Sharing event in 2020 was successfully held. Taking place at the Multifunction Hall TOTO Building, this time the knowledge sharing took the theme Decarbonization: Green Building #ClimateAction to Reverse Climate Change. This theme was taken in order to highlight the increasing impact of climate change globally which can be felt by the emergence of various extreme weather phenomena such as in Indonesia and Australia.

In recent months, Indonesia has been hit by high enough rainfall that has caused flooding at many points, such as in Jabodetabek. In contrast to Indonesia, in Australia, there was actually the largest forest fire in world history which caused many losses, especially the death of millions of animals from native Australian species. Decarbonization is a solution that is raised to reduce the impact of climate change that is getting bigger. In addition, extreme measures such as decarbonization of all sectors are also very necessary to be able to limit the temperature increase by 1.5 ° C in 2030, as proclaimed in the 2016 Paris Agreement.

In this knowledge sharing, there is a different concept presented by GBC Indonesia. If we usually present live speakers at the venue, this time we present 3 speakers from all over the world who are connected via video conference. The first speaker was Peter Graham, executive director of GBPN connected directly from Australia. The second speaker, Mr. Rizaldi Boer, Director of CCROM-SEAP IPB, connected directly from Bogor. The third speaker, Victoria Kate Burrows, Director of the Advancing Net Zero World Green Building Council, connected directly from the UK. The only speaker who attended this event was Mr. Iwan Prijanto, Chairperson of the Green Building Council Indonesia.

Also at this event, there was an explanation from Mrs. Ria Marfiana, Professional Brand and Sustainability Manager, PT. ICI Paints Indonesia as one of the supporters of the event. The concept of video conferencing is one of the innovations brought by GBC Indonesia to be able to improve the quality of the content presented, by presenting foreign and domestic expert speakers, while reducing the potential for carbon footprint that can arise if the speakers are imported from their places of origin.