As a transformation agency, GBC Indonesia invites all levels of society to know and understand the concept of green buildings and apply it in their lives and activities.

For this reason, GBC Indonesia prepares 2 regular training :
  1. GREENSHIP Associate (GA) Training
  2. GREENSHIP Professional (GP) Training

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GREENSHIP Associate (GA) Training

GREENSHIP Associate (GA) training is a basic level education on green building, with the aim of providing insight into the principles related to green building. In GA training, participants will be introduced to green movement, the basic concept of the GREENSHIP Rating Tools assessment, the certification process and the values ​​carried in GREENSHIP. After attending the GA training, participants can have the same view, understanding and knowledge of the principles of green building and GREENSHIP.

Training objectives:

  1. Understand what climate change is
  2. Understand why green building
  3. Understand the basic and philosophy of green building.
  4. Become a Green Ambassador
  5. Creating a Green Team in the company


  1. Minimum a high school graduated or equivalent

This training has also been packaged Online so that participants have the opportunity to take part in training with a more flexible time in their busy activities or work and can be accessed anywhere safely. To maintain the quality of training, at each change of topic, participants are required to fill out a quiz with specific target points to be able to access the next training module. And at the end of the training, each participant is required to write an essay on topics related to green building.

GREENSHIP Professional (GP) Training

An advanced education of GREENSHIP Associate, in order to achieve competency as a profession that can play a role as an expert for green building implementation; working together with design team, consultants, contractors, engineers, building owners and GREENSHIP certification team in implementing the concept of green building based on the applicable criteria from GREENSHIP rating tools.

Training objectives:

  1. Become an Green Building Expert/Consultant
  2. Understand the procedures for measuring the use of energy, water, air, green products, and waste management
  3. Conduct an overall analysis of the opportunities and constraints of a building becoming a green building based on the criteria for the GREENSHIP assessment tool.
  4. Devise strategies for achieving green buildings by working with consultants, building owners and project implementation teams to achieve the desired GREENSHIP certification targets.


  1. Passed GREENSHIP Associate (GA) Training

Minimum Bachelor degree in Engineering or Architects, or non-engineering background with at least 3 years experience working in the building industry (construction or building management) The implementation of GP Training during the Covid 19 pandemic is held live streaming for 5 days from 08.00 to 18.00 WIB followed by working on project group assignments and ending with group project exam and writing exam.

In addition to these regular trainings, GBC Indonesia holds regular workshops for those who wish to deepen a topic related to green building criteria. GREENSHIP Prefessional (GP) graduates who attend the workshop, will get KUM (points for the extension of the GP profession).

Information related to training & workshops can contact (E)

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