On June 23rd, 2023, the Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI) and PT Arah Environmental Indonesia held a ceremony to formally sign a collaboration agreement between the two organizations. The event was attended by Bapak Iwan Prijanto, the Chairperson of GBC Indonesia, and Bapak Gufron Mahmud, the Director of PT ARAH. The ceremony commenced with a discussion on the approved collaboration, which will be implemented in various future activities. Bapak Iwan and Bapak Gufron also expressed their words on the partnership. Several key points of this collaboration were highlighted, including GBC Indonesia receiving waste management systems expertise from PT Arah. In return, GBC Indonesia, known for developing the GREENSHIP rating tools, will offer training to PT Arah. This collaboration may also involve the further development of the GREENSHIP rating tools themselves, where PT Arah can provide valuable input, particularly regarding the Building Environment Management aspect related to waste processing. The ceremony proceeded smoothly and concluded with the signing of the agreement.

Furthermore, on June 27th, 2023, GBCI had the honor of receiving an invitation to participate in the "Peka Pelaporan Implementasi Pengelolaan Lingkungan Hidup, Lakukan dan Laporkan!" event organized by PT Arah, held at the Ballroom HK Tower in Cawang, East Jakarta. During this event, GBCI had the opportunity to share insights on one of the points of the GREENSHIP Rating Tools, namely Building Environment Management (BEM). As mentioned earlier, BEM specifically relates to the waste treatment practices carried out by PT Arah. May this collaboration between the two organizations remain strong and contribute to shaping a better world.

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