During the pandemic that hit the entire world, including Indonesia, this resulted in almost all human activities being paralyzed due to the Physical distancing program launched by the government in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 which was increasing day by day.

But this does not hinder the spirit of GBC Indonesia to share knowledge with all stakeholders in the building industry, especially the wider community who need further knowledge about how to build buildings that are more environmentally friendly. GBC Indonesia made another alternative event, namely a virtual event (webinar) which was held online by inviting several resource persons who are experts in their fields with material presentation and a question and answer session to the audience at the end of the event.

The theme we present is "Towards Net Zero Healthy Building" by highlighting several examples of buildings. In the first webinar with the topic “Net Zero Building in Relevance with COVID-19 Pandemic, Hospital Building Case”, we discussed the issue of hospital buildings which are currently very crucial in fighting the pandemic, as well as being very vulnerable as a medium for spreading disease. . Whereas in the second webinar with the topic "Net Zero Building in Relevance with COVID-19 Pandemic, School and University Building Case" we discussed school and university buildings, which, although during this pandemic, many activities were stopped, must be prepared as well as possible so that when they operate. normally returns, can perform well, and can maintain the health of the students in it.

For those of you who missed our webinar, don't worry. The webinars that we hold have been uploaded to our YouTube channel account. Please visit the Green Building Council Indonesia Youtube channel and watch our recorded webinars. This series of webinar series will continue and make sure you don't miss any information on our events which will bring up even more useful topics.

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