On November 10, 2020, the Asia Pacific Regional Network World Green Building Council organized the launch of the Health & Wellbeing Framework in Asia Pacific as part of a series of launching the Health & Wellbeing Framework around the world.

The Health & Wellbeing framework is the result of the collaboration of many experts around the world from various scientific disciplines, creating a tool to measure the health of a building or built environment. With this framework, it is hoped that it can redefine health coverage for all people, along with buildings, cities and communities.

The existence of the COVID-19 pandemic shows the relationship between built environmental health and human health is very closely connected. Therefore, the Health & Wellbeing framework introduces 6 principles covering everything from indoor air quality to climate change resilience as listed below:

To find out more about the Health & Wellbeing framework, please visit the website at the following link https://worldgbc.org/health-framework

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