8 Teams of 3 Net Zero Healthy Building Categories are now encountering the final step of their journey in GBCIdeas, which is Main Show 2021. In this Main Show, they will challenge themselves by presenting their final idea on each of the NZH Building’s categories in front of the Judges. The ideas that they will present are ones the mentors in Bootcamp step already gave feedback to and already passed the step of maximalization.


GBCIdeas 2021 Main Show will be held on November 11th 2021. This event will take place both virtually and live, where the Idea Contributors will have their presentation live at Green Office Park 1—a venue presented by GBCIdeas 2021’s  Venue Partner, Sinarmas Land. For the judges and other audiences, they will be joining the Main Show through Zoom Event.


The Idea Contributors who will present their ideas in each of the categories:

1.    SeniMal (Fiyonda Kokarkin, Darmawan Winaga, Amani Tedjowongso)

2.    Art Center Complex (Lutfi Landrian, Tika Hanjani, Aryo Wicaksono)

3.    Climate Change Art Center (Osrithalita Gabriela, Danindra Adrian W, Alifiyah Nabila)


Student NZH Building Innovation:

1.    Harvesting Wind Energy (Margaretha Lidyana, Jordi Kurniawan, Lydia Gavrila)

2.    Kuya Bromo (Hafidz Rizky, Muhammad Ilham, Aggie Farkhan)


Student NZH Building Design:

1.    Jowata (Shafira Ramadhani, Moh. Wahyu Syafi’ul, M. Isa Tsaqif)

2.    Nuragaloka (Afri Alifia, M. Lazuardy Nurrohman, Ahmad Faisal Azis)

3.    BREATH(E) (Ukha Irfandi Hanif, Dimas Nur Mauladi, M. Iqbal)


And the Judges:

1.    Pak Ir. Prasetyoadi

2.    Mr. Carry Chan

3.    Mr. Matthew Black

4.    Pak Ir. John Budi


GBCIdas 2021 Main Show will be hosted by one of Prambors’ MC, Rafa. To make it more lively, all the series of event in GBCIdeas 2021 Main Show also have sessions for GBCI Ideas Partners; Kota Baru Parahyangan, AGC & Asahimas, Schneider, BCI Asia & Construction+, Anabata, and Prambors. For the special audience who scrutinize the whole series of event in this Main Show and could answer the questions about GBCIdeas Partner, price worth million rupiahs and many goodiebags are waiting to be home!


GBCIdeas 2021 Main Show registration are still open for everyone. For more information and to be registered go visit the GBCIdeas 2021 website: https://ideas.gbcindonesia.org and Instagram. GBCIdeas 2021, Idea Contributors, and Judges are waiting for your participation!

GBCIdeas 2021 is sponsored by:


Exclusive Challenge Partner: Kota Baru Parahyangan

Idea Partner: AGC Asahimas, Schneider, Life Cycle Indonesia

Venue Partner: Sinarmas Land

Media Partner: Prambors, Anabata, BCI Asia & Construction+

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