Took place at the Transport Hub Building in Central Jakarta on Tuesday, December 19, 2023, Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI) and PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) signed a collaboration focusing on research, development, and the implementation of sustainable development concepts for MRT Jakarta's facilities and infrastructure. The collaboration document was handed over by Mr. Iwan Prijanto, the Chairman of the Green Building Council Indonesia, to Mrs. Mega Tarigan, the Director of Operations and Maintenance at PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda), who also serves as the Head of the Sustainability Committee of PT MRT Jakarta.


Mrs. Mega stated that the aim of this collaboration is to make a tangible contribution to Indonesia’s goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. Way more detailed, the green building concept that is under development emphasizes sustainable development from the planning, design, construction, to operation phases. Reducing negative impacts on nature and the environment. "Together with GBCI, we will support Indonesia's net-zero emissions by 2050 through various initiatives, spanning planning, construction, and the operation of all facilities owned by MRT Jakarta," she added.


Furthermore, these steps have been incorporated into MRT Jakarta's Sustainability Strategy as part of its 2030 Long-Term Plan. One of the ultimate objectives is to secure green building certification by 2030 for both railway and non-railway infrastructure.


In agreement with Mrs. Mega's remarks, Mr. Iwan expressed enthusiasm for the partnership. "Being an independent nonprofit entity associated with the World Green Building Council, GBCI emphasizes education, advocacy, training, and the issuance of green building certificates based on Indonesia's distinct evaluation standards," Iwan remarked. "This resonates with MRT Jakarta's reputation as a premier operator. We are eager for this collaboration to advance responsible and sustainable green building initiatives and areas within Jakarta's cityscape," he added. The partnership is slated to extend for the subsequent two years.

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